Innovation In Structural Investigation


Master bricklayers in the C18th and C19th generally handed the task of flue construction to carpenters, who built in wood and filled the stack in brick: the wood was fired to leave the flue.

C 20th developers tidied the open fires out of sight, and builders cut out and back filled flues with rubble.

Re-use of the same buildings now requires service trunking between floors for IT and aircon systems, without taking up valuable floor space, so the obvious answer is run trunking up the old flues but there is need to know where they are, and whether they are blocked, cut or still continuous.

GBG recently completed a full mapping of the flues running through the parties walls of a Georgian Terrace in Soho, with every flue identified and its suitability for reuse assessed using radar, electrodetection and simple smoke tests mostly working in occupied flats and offices.

Developers could place building contracts with the all M&E routing completely planned and enabling works defined.

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