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Structural investigative specialist, GBG, has been commissioned by UK chimney expert, Bierrum International, to undertake a chimney survey at a major steelworks in the north of England.

The chimney is approximately 80m in height and is used to exhaust hot gases from a coke oven plant.

A number of cracks had been noticed in the internal brick lining at the top of the chimney. Although these were scheduled for repair, there was concern to ascertain if there were similar cracks in other parts of the chimney.

Engineers from GBG used thermographic imaging to carry out a survey of the full height of the chimney, which remained in constant operation. No breaches of the internal lining were detected, other than at the top of the chimney in the area of the visible cracking. The survey also indicated that the cracking extended downwards from the top of the chimney to the uppermost corbel.

According to Rob Denson of Bierrum International: “The survey from GBG proved very useful, with the information received being incorporated into our report to the Client. Given the chimney design and that it had to remain in operation throughout the survey, we believe that thermography was the right approach for this particular situation”.

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