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Chas Bransby-Zachary – Vice President

Chas has over 10 years of experience in Building Assessment and in the non destructive investigation of a wide range of conservation projects both in the UK and US, Chas is now involved in broadening GBG’s presence in the USA by operating a recently opened New York office, which is fully staffed and equipped with a full suite of NDT techniques.

GBG has been involved in projects throughout America over the past decade; although typically operating along the East Coast, GBG has been involved in projects in Central America and is now in the process of setting up on the West Coast.

GBG’s history lies in the investigation of landmark buildings in the US; however they are just as prepared to ensure that the accuracy and safety of coring through a slab or wall is maintained by first confirming the presence of conduits, reinforcement bars and other buried structure.

Chas’ project experience at GBG is far reaching and involves a wide range of problem solving from detecting leaks through New York school buildings to helping understand the construction arrangement and condition of New York’s Guggenheim Museum Building.

GBG Inc investigates a wide range of structures from historically important buildings to small private residences; all of which require expert appraisal and attention to detail when appraising their construction and condition. Chas’ Project experience in the United States includes the following Buildings:

  • Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater PA
  • St Patrick’s Cathedral NY
  • The Solomon R Guggenheim Museum NY
  • U.S. Capitol Building DC
  • Chrysler Building, NY
  • Virginia State Capitol VA
  • Cooper Union Building NY
  • Princeton University (Library & Football Stadium) NJ
  • New Jersey State Capitol NJ
  • Yale University (including Theatre & Gymnasium), CT
  • Low Library Building, NY
  • NY State Capitol, Albany, NY
  • Pierpont Morgan Library NY
  • Princeton University (Various Buildings), NJ
  • U.S. Treasury Building Washington DC
  • Virginia State Capitol Building, Richmond, VA
  • St Vincent De Paul Church, CA
  • New York City Schools Construction Authority – more than 100 Individual School Buildings

GBG is a problem solving company; we pride ourselves in providing definitive answers and solutions to the questions posed to us by Structural Engineers, Architects, Conservators and Designers alike.

NDT or NDE is often thought of as an expensive option to a project, however, ultimately we are involved to save time and money either when deciding how to progress with an early stage project or when deciding how best to repair something which has failed.

Currently in New York we are busy tracing rain water leaks, mapping floor constructions, confirming reinforcement details and identifying voids beneath concrete slabs. These are but a small selection of our capabilities so please call our New York Office or email us find out more about how to answer your engineering related questions, without having to resort to costly, disruptive and damaging exploratory probes. Find out more and contact us...

  • Chas – – Vice President
  • Alan – - Operations Manager

For more information, please contact:

GBG Inc.
88 University Place
9th Floor
New York
NY 10003
Tel: +1 212 777 3770

US Capitol - Brumidi Corridors

Constantino Brumidi (1805 1880) decorated the US Capitol Building in Washington DC with frescoes ranging from 'The Apotheosis of George Washington' in the Rotunda, to the ornate President's Room: his particular skill, using true fresco, oil, tempera and gilding, was in outstandingly realistic 3-D trompe d’oeil effects.

The decorations are one of the great national treasures of the US.

A team from GBG led by Charles Bransby-Zachary is currently tasked with examining the frescoes which line corridors and state rooms.

GBG have been part of the preservation team for a series of Capitol Buildings over the past decade, including the New York State Capitol, Virginia State Capitol, Trenton State House and continues a long list of assignments that the company has undertaken on the East Coast.

Last year GBG engineers also worked on the preservation of Andy Warhol’s ‘Studio 6’ on Madison Avenue, the Hearst Building on 7th, the Kline Biology Tower at Yale University and the Iglesia San Jose, Puerto Rico.

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