Innovation In Structural Investigation

Projects: Groud Investigations

Brighton School Air Raid Shelters, England
Survey to establish possible location of disused World War II air raid shelters underneath school playing field.

Brooklands Race Track, England
Assessment of obstructions to redevelopment, such as old concrete slabs, in area of disused racetrack.

Campden Hill Reservoir, London, England
Survey to establish the form and nature of construction of foundations to the walls and columns of underground reservoir.

Dalmuir Sewage Treatment Works, Glasgow, Scotland
Investigation to confirm the length of sheet piles and identify position and general arrangement of the rods and concrete wall forming anchorage to the sheet piles on a pier.

H.M.N.B. Faslane, Scotland
Location of buried services and utilities within the naval base.

Izmit Pipeline Route, Turkey
Survey to determine the location of services and other subsurface obstructions along a proposed 72km route for the excavation and construction of a new water pipeline.

Lincoln Water Treatment Works, England
To determine the location of any subsurface features beneath the proposed Deep Bed Filter and Filter Feed Pumping Station.

Luton Sewer, Bedfordshire, England
Investigation to map the line of an underground sewer.

Heathrow Airport, DONR & Longford Basins, England
Assessment to establish the interface depth between subsurface clay and gravel prior to development of site.

North Weald Aerodrome, England
Survey to locate suspected unexploded ordnance on WWII aerodrome prior to redevelopment.

RAF Uxbridge, England
Survey to locate and map the route and depth of gas main.

Sadaf Salt Plant, Jubail, Saudi Arabia
Investigation of road support to locate areas where dissolving subsurface salt deposits might lead to areas of collapse under and adjacent to roadway.

Wallington Hall, England
Survey to map routes of water ingress into historic building from grounds.

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