Innovation In Structural Investigation

Projects: Historic Buildings and Structures

All Saints Church, Brisbane, Australia
Survey to establish the condition of church built in 1869. (This is believed to be the first time impulse radar had been used in structural inspection in Australia)

Brizlee Tower, Northumberland, England
Construction arrangement and condition survey of Grade 1 Listed ‘Prospect Tower’.

Buckingham Palace, London, England
Two phases of Fire Compartmentation Survey to determine fire resisting capabilities of structural elements.

Castle Drogo, Devon, England
Survey to determine construction and condition of the South Wing and Chapel and to assess the problems caused by water ingress through the roof and walls.

Fallingwater, Pennsylvania, USA
Construction and condition survey of reinforced concrete beams in 1930’s house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright

HM Treasury, London, England
Assessment of the stonework of two external façades.

Kings College Chapel, Cambridge, England
Survey to study the condition of the exterior walls and roof.

Old Admiralty Building, London, England
Survey to establish points of moisture ingress through roof and dry moat in Churchill’s wartime bunker.

Old Bow Street Police, London, England
Assessment of floor slab to determine thickness of slab, condition of steelwork and ‘as built’ detail prior to redevelopment of site into Museum.

Old Patent Building, Smithsonian Institute, Washington DC, USA
Location of flues and chases within walls prior to installation of new M & E services

Palace of Westminster, London, England
Phases 1 - VII of Fire Compartmentation Survey to determine fire resisting capabilities of structural elements.

St George’s Church, Bloomsbury, London, England
Survey to establish the construction arrangement and condition of walls, arch, courtyard and crypt of C18th church designed by Nicholas Hawksmoor.

St Paul’s Cathedral, London, England
Survey of various elements of Sir Christopher Wren's cathedral, including The Dean's Stair, window reveals of the South Transept, Quire Steps, seat in the Whispering Gallery and the Southern Façade.

Smirke Building, The Strand, London, England
Assessment of load bearing capacity of walls and floors in eleven storey, Grade 1 Listed 1830's masonry building.

South Foreland Lighthouse, Kent, England
Assessment of construction, condition and possible mechanisms of water ingress.

Stowe School, Stowe, Buckinghamshire, England
Survey of portico and south façade of one of the largest houses built in the UK to establish construction arrangement and condition.

The Chrysler Building, New York, USA
Moisture ingress survey of 1930's building in mid-town Manhattan.

The Great Court, British Museum, London, England
Construction and condition assessment of cornice, to enable the fixing of the glass roof.

The Royal Naval College, Greenwich, London, England
Survey to assess the condition of all of the stone façades on the King William, King Charles, Queen Anne, Queen Mary & Pepy's buildings.

US Treasury Building, Washington DC, USA
Survey to confirm the construction and condition of the pediment.

US Capitol Building, Washington DC, USA
Condition assessment of 'Brumidi' Corridors finished with delicate murals.

Virginia State Capitol Building, Virginia, USA
Façade survey of C18th Capitol Building to establish construction and condition.

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