Innovation In Structural Investigation

Projects: Modern Buildings and Structures

Amstel Railway Station, Amsterdam, Holland
Assessment of the condition of steel frame within the station building.

Benelux Metro Line, Rotterdam, Holland
Survey to assess the condition of concrete forming the structure of the Metro Line.

Bullsmoor Estate, London, England
Assessment of floor slab support beneath 'Bison' build houses.

Conakry Harbour, Guinea, Africa
Assessment of fill within quay construction.

Dungeness Nuclear Power Station, Kent, England
Location of reinforcement within biological shield of nuclear reactor.

Exchequer Court, London, England
Inspection of limestone fašade using Ultra Violet equipment.

Ferrybridge, North Yorkshire, England
Assessment of general arrangement and construction of concrete forming cooling towers.

HMS St Vincent, London, England
Survey to trace water leakage and identify the source of ingress.

Kline Biology Tower, New Haven, Connecticut, USA
Fašade assessment to identify location and condition of fixings.

Millennium Stadium, Cardiff, Wales
Assessment of sub-base thickness and support prior to contractors moving heavy equipment across site.

New Hospital, Isle of Man
Evaluation of moisture levels and condition of subbase in reinforced concrete building.

New York Schools, USA
Ongoing assessment of construction and condition of schools within the New York Schools Construction Authority district.

Olympic Stadium, Rotterdam, Holland
Assessment of support to floor slab.

Rugeley 'B' Power Station, Staffordshire, England
Survey to determine condition of concrete and depth of cover to steel reinforcement.

SAGA Building, Kent
Assessment of integrity of roof slab support in 1970's reinforced concrete building.

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