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GBG - A Simple Guide to Investigative Tools and Methods

GBG is a non destructive structural inspection practice geared to provide inspection, testing and analysis of structures. This has application and value in a wide range of projects from historic to industrial buildings and from office to retail environments.

The ability to carry out inspection and gain information without risk or hazard to the occupants, without damage to the fabric and without closing down production is achieved by selecting from a range of instrumental techniques available to probe and interrogate the interior of structures. Finding the right instrument is always a balance between the information required and the needs and difficulties of the site.

The principle methodologies used are systems based electro-magnetic, acoustic and visual techniques: each of these is used according to the best practices and industry guidelines, but the full benefit comes from cross analysis between methods, correlated with engineering drawings and any other anecdotal or historical information that is available.

Select a Technique for more Information

Dynamic Impedance or Impact Echo Magnetic Mass Probes Pull-Off Testing
Electro-Detection Metal Detection Thermography or Infra Red
Impulse Radar or GPR Ultrasonics or UPV

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