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Metal Detection

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Metal Detectors & Covermeters - Measure currents induced in ferromagnetic objects to determine their location to a depth over a maximum range to c.250mm and give an accurate depth measurement over a range to c.100mm. The ranges are considerably reduced for non ferrous metals. These instruments are not to be confused with the treasure seekers' metal detector which is a much coarser instrument designed merely to locate the presence of conductors buried in the ground, or simple covermeters which are best suited to determining the arrangement of near surface reinforcing steel.

The method is best used as a complement to the radar: it can positively identify that an object located is metallic and/or ferrous, and may be used either as an initial rapid scanner, allowing the presence of reinforcement or steel sections to be found to assist in planning the radar profiles, or subsequently to confirm objects found. Critical use is where bar size is required.

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Dynamic Impedance or Impact Echo Magnetic Mass Probes Pull-Off Testing
Electro-Detection Metal Detection Thermography or Infra Red
Impulse Radar or GPR Ultrasonics or UPV

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