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3D laser scanning

A 3D laser scanner produces a point cloud; millions of points measured in a three-dimensional coordinate system. These provide a very accurate way of measuring an object or space. The individual points are created by the return of a laser emitted from the scanner and reflected by the surface it strikes.

GBG conduct 3D laser scans of the built environment to provide information for structural engineers and surveyors in a time efficient manner. A number of scans can be aligned to produce 3D models of a building or individual room from which accurate measurements can be taken. Alternatively, it provides ways of measuring features that would be otherwise difficult to access such as high-up on buildings, bridges and roof spaces; and interrogate those elements within a 3D workspace.

The 3D laser scanner is able to detect objects approximately 150m away with a degree of accuracy measured in millimetres. It is important to have a clear line of site to the objects being investigated and one of the advantages of a laser survey is that it does not require visible light. For sites with access restrictions during the day a survey carried out at night can provide all the geometric information required.

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